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Developing comprehensive standards

At CertAssure we are passionate about making products safer, sustainable, better quality and more responsibly sourced. Standards touch the lives of everyone, providing a framework for consistent, measurable performance.

In addition to our participation in other standards development forums, CertAssure actively develops our own standards for domestic and commercial products and they are the foundation for our CertAssure certification programs.

We try to set ourselves apart by ensuring our standards specify comprehensive requirements that aim to ensure products and materials consistently perform and meet the expectations of users. By specifying compliance with CertAssure standards, you can ensure your product ticks all the important boxes.

Copies of CertAssure standards are available for our clients and can be purchased directly from CertAssure. Contact us to find out more.

Product Specification Standards

Many Australian and International standards focus only on specific issues, such as safety of the finished product, but overlook detailed requirements for the individual materials which make up the product. Other standards are then required to determine other attributes of the product or whether the product uses sustainable materials or is ethically sourced. Consequently users trying to establish if a product meets their requirements are forced to pull together many different test reports and certificates.

CertAssure Product Specification Standards are designed to address all these issues by consolidating and providing comprehensive requirements, giving manufacturers, importers, retailers and consumers increased assurance products meet all the necessary requirements.

Material Specification Standards

CertAssure Material Specification Standards provide the platform for suppliers to pre-qualify their materials such as leather, textiles and electrical components. As a consequence Material Specification Standards may stand alone or be called up within CertAssure Product Specification Standards.

Test Method Standards

CertAssure develops Test Method Standards to provide objective criteria to measure and judge the performance of a given product or material.

Retailer Specific Standard Development

CertAssure works with retail partners to assist them in ensuring the products they want to range exceed the expectation of their customers while meeting the commercial needs of their business. Standards is a dynamic space and standards themselves are living documents which need to be constantly maintained to ensure they are relevant, adequately address the issues and don’t become obsolete. CertAssure can provide assistance to retailers to develop their own in-house standards or by maintaining their existing standard portfolios.

For More Information

To find out more about our certification processes or the services we offer, contact us via the link below.